It is 15,000. I’m joking! Of course, there is no magic number! But if you are considering a trip to Jamaica and wondering how much you should budget, you have come to the right spot. First, let’s cover the fact that the amount a person spends on a trip is contingent on a number of factors. I would argue preference is number one. If you prefer to fly first class, for instance, you can imagine that you would spend more on airfare than someone who would rather economy. Your preference of fun is also a big determinant of your budget. A person who thrives in excursions will spend more than someone who would rather spend every day of their vacation on a sunny beach with a book. I don’t know why anyone would, but we don’t judge ; )

In my case, I spent a lot on food and drinks – hey, foodie here!  I did not care so much about excursions. Fun for me was making friends and interacting with the locals, trying new foods, and just “going with the flow.” Truth be told, though, I did wish I had a lot more cash to travel to other parts of the country like Kingston and Orcho Rios. And every now and then, I wished I knew how to swim so that I could do cool stuff like snorkeling or scuba diving. Yep, you heard me right – I really do not know how to swim.

Anyway, as I was saying, the amount of money you spend in Jamaica will also depend on how “street smart” you are. Here’s why. Jamaicans will charge you ridiculously as soon as they realize you are a tourist or foreigner. To beat this, you have to bargain and not settle. One strategy is to make friends with the locals and have them do the talking for you! [Check out 10 Things to Expect When Visiting Jamaica]. Honestly, I wasn’t always the smartest with bargaining. Sometimes I was just lazy to do so and just gave them whatever they asked for. Stay strong! For this reason, I did spend a lot more here and there.

Based on my activities and such, here is the estimated cost of my trip:

Estimated Cost Breakdown (For my cousin & I)

Flight -direct from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Mobay, Jamaica: $1,132.00

Sun Country baggage fee – $100, $25 each way per person

Hotel (El Greco Resort) 4 nights  breakfast included- $392.64 + $100 mandatory deposit -$492.62

Transportation from Airport to El Greco using random bus at airport – $30

Transportation from Mobay to Negril – $100 ($80 + tip)

  • Good to Know: Taxi Service Recommendation: O’Dale Duncan 1-876-422-5104 | diddyduncan@yahoo.com. Add him on WhatsApp. He’s highly reliable and reasonable

Westender Inn 6 nights no breakfast – $740.25

Food, drinks, gifts, transportation around Negril etc no excursions – approximately $1000

Transportation from Negril to Mobay Airport – $80

Approximate Total for Two persons – $3,674.89 USD

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