Margaritaville (Left: Negril | right: Montegobay). Margaritaville is located on the Hip Strip in Montegobay and on the Seven Mile beach in Negril.

Negril and Monetgo Bay are two of Jamaica’s most popular cities. Both beautiful and full of tourist attractions, they are perfect choices for relaxation and adventure. However, depending on what you like to do for fun, you may find one city more appealing than the other.


  • Laid back and relaxing vibe
  • Lots of breath-taking sceneries
  • Home of the famous Seven Mile beach, Rick’s Cafe, and Jungle Night Club
  • Nice places to eat: Rick’s Cafe, Seven Mile beach (7 mile has tons of restaurants, bars, and sellers, which gives several options in one location!)



Montego Bay

  • Home of Montego Bay International Airport, which means easier airport access!
  • Busy and city vibe
  • Home of the famous Hip Strip and Dr. Caves beach
  • Nice places to eat: Pier One, Pork Pit, Pelican Grill, Scothies, Margaritaville



My Pick: Montego Bay

Truth be told, a lot of people I spoke with said they prefer Negril to Montego Bay. I can easily see why. Negril is quite beautiful with lots of attractions and things to do – whether it is jumping off the cliff at Rick’s Cafe, walking the Seven Mile long beach, or enjoying authentic Jamaican music and nightlife at Jungle Night Club. However, there is something about Montego Bay that captivated me in ways that I felt Negril lacked. I loved walking the Hip Strip, meeting and chatting with new people every day. The busyness of the strip, the ease at which I could walk to a restaurant, local beach, or a bar to chill,  sold me into the city!

Whenever I visit Jamaica again, I will definitely stop by both places. Who knows – my preference may change in the future, but for now, Montego Bay has a special spot in my heart.

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